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Disgusting Sex

Jerry has a secret. This secret he has always kept to himself, never telling anyone. Not even Amanda, his kind-of-new girlfriend for six months now. He wants to tell her, but not sure how she will react.

Eww Jay! That is sick! She would say.

She likes to call him Jay. Especially when she’s mad at him…or disappointed.

Jerry wants to have nasty disgusting immoral sex. But a special kind of fetish sex. This kind most people would never ever think of doing, let alone get horny about it. But he wants to do it…one day…very badly. He longs for it. Like a cat in heat looking out the window. Desperately meowing with bass in its voice. Wondering if fresh pussy will come.

So to explain how this fetish came to evolve is actually an interesting story. One day, while bored, and looking at porn. While clicking on thumbnails, and thumbnails, and more thumbnails until Jerry ended up on the forbidden side of the internet.

He discovered a video with a guy, with a ski mask on his head. Probably to protect his identity…because he is shamed of this too. The man was laying on his back, naked, and sweating, and moaning with anticipation.


Then comes a hot redhead with big breasts and a big curvy ass. She started riding his cock, hard, reverse cowgirl style. So much stamina this chick had.


Although Jerry’s dick was hard as he watched the video, he wasn’t fully aroused to the point of busting a nut soon…not until this happened.

The red head suddenly raised her butt off the dick. (You could hear the sweet sloppiness sounds from her juices). Then, all of a sudden, her asshole began to open up, and slowly a black turd appeared to the surface and gradually grew bigger and bigger and longer, then delivered itself, almost steaming  on this lucky guy’s stomach.
Jerry exploded in his trousers right there, immediately and unexpected.

What is this shit I just watched? He said to himself. No pun intended.

Ever since that day, Jerry wondered how he was going to find someone to shit on him. Like that hot red head. How would you request that? Umm, hey baby. While we are fucking, can you crap on me?

His girl Amanda…Miss Princess…Miss Goodie-two shoes would never do that to him. She is too clean. She won’t even have sex unless they are both fresh from the shower sometimes. She would never… so he thought.

One day, while watching ‘shitty anal sex’ porn on his laptop, Amanda came home from work early and caught Jerry jacking off. She first was shocked at what was on the screen. After a few minutes of silence, she then softly laughs. Then said, “Do you like that kind of stuff? That is disgusting! “ Her face is concerned, but Jerry nods anyway. “Yes I do.” And stares at her real seriously like.
Amanda shrugs her shoulder, then sighs, and begins to slowly take her clothes off, “Wow! Ok, I will try. I do need to take a dump right now anyways.” Jerry starts to smile.

Sex Mobile


It is summer in July, and Pete is walking down the sidewalk on Purple lane Drive headed on a two-mile journey towards the mall. It will be a long walk and he’s not happy about it. His feet is already in pain from the walk and he’s not even half way there yet. He curse himself for not having a car by now and hopes after he fill out job applications at the mall today, he can  start making some money so he can buy one.

Out of nowhere, the sound of  someone leaning on a car horn came from a short distance.  He immediately turns around startled and saw a familiar blue van with his uncle Larry inside.  Larry slows the van down and pulls over to the sidewalk. He rolls down the passenger side window and calls out. “Hey buddy! Need a ride.”

“Hell yeah!” Pete was so glad to see him. “Man, what’s up Uncle Larry! Thank you! Thank you! Yeah, I was walking to the mall today,”  Pete said as he  climbs in.

He had not seen uncle Larry in what seem like ages. As always his uncle looks suave. He is wearing a pair of beige slacks, and his silk shirtid unbuttoned halfway down exposing a thin gold chain and his tightly curly hairy chest. He is wearing stylish sunglasses, and his silky black hair, long as a woman, is brushed back in a ponytail.

Through a big grin, Larry says, “Boy you have grown so big! I almost didn’t recognize you…except for that walk. You walk just like your daddy. How’s he doing any way?”

Before Pete could answer, he thought he hears something that sounded like a woman’s giggle, followed by slow seductive moan behind them in the back of the van. He quickly dismissed it as his imagination. Or maybe Uncle Larry hooked up a TV in the back, he also thought.

“He’s doing good.” Pete replied.

“And how’s school?” he asked.

“I graduated last month, Uncle Larry.” Pete answered  him matter factly.

“Really?! Well congratulations.  Sorry I missed the graduation…if i would’ve known. Haven’t been keeping in touch with your parents like I should.  I…”

“It’s okay Uncle Larry,” Pete interrupted him.

“So you going to the mall to do some shopping?”

“Naw, to fill out some applications. Mom’s order.”

“Oh OK, looking for a job, eh? I might can help you out with that.”

“That would be great if you can. ”

The van suddenly began to slow as it is arriving to a traffic light. It then begins to slightly bounce up and down as if they were driving on a rough road. The faint moan that he heard earlier, was now louder and obvious. ,”Oh yeah, Daddy,” said the woman’s voice  Pete wasn’t hearing things this time as he turned his head around. There is definitely sex going on.

Larry notices his nephew’s curiousity.

“That’s Cherry. She has a customer back there.” Larry explains and grins devilishly.

Pete looks at his uncle confused. Who is Cherry? And what does he mean about ‘customer’ ? he wonders to himself.

“Yeah, I not only sleep in this van, but I run my business in here too.”

Pete continue staring at the light blue curtains that separated the front seat to the back part of the van.

“Go ‘head. You can take a peek.” Larry said.

Pete slowly and carefully pulls back the curtain. He can’t  believe what he is seeing.

There is a sexy hot woman, naked except for fishnet stockings and high heel pumps. She is getting fucked doggy style on a mattress on the van’s floor. She is spreading her ass cheeks open, as she is getting fucked in her pussy.  The lucky man who is drilling in her, with large hairy balls swinging, was a middle age white man who is sweating profusely as he stares down at her chocolate star, wishing to explore that hole next with either his tongue or dick. He is undecided. 

That man still had some of his attire on, such as his shirt and tie but not his pants. His pants and Fruit of the Looms underwear was completely off, thrown at the foot of the mattress. His bottom half was just long black trouser socks pulled up over his calve. He looks like he could be a business man, CEO, or manager type.  The scent of their sex rushed in Pete’s nose.

Miss Cherry catches eyes with Pete looking at them and she smiles at him seductively. It turns her on even more that someone sees her being a nasty slut. She then arches her back even more and thrust herself harder on the dick with her hips, making their ‘skin slapping music’ even louder. It made her moan loader.  Pete gasp and closes the curtains quickly. His dick, however, became instantly hard as a brick. 

Larry belts out in laughter, “Good grief, boy! You look like you seen a ghost.”

“Uncle Larry!  Why are there people screwing in your van?” Not quite understanding the hint that when he said running a business in his van, he meant a prostitution business

Larry laughs harder now. Pete peeks back through the curtain. Miss Cherry was now sitting on top of the man’s dick, facing away from him. She is now riding him. Boobs wildly jumping every which way with the sex rhythm. They were long big boobs. The jewelry from her belly button also danced wildly from the movement. She looks back, catching Pete watching again. She licks her lips and mumbles something he couldn’t quite hear. He thinks she’s saying ‘you’re next’.

From behind, the customer uses one of his hands to brace her hips. The other hand, which has an expensive  Rolex watch on the wrist, was reaching over the other hip and vigorously rubbing her clitoris in her pink bald wet pussy.

“I turned Betsy here into a sex mobile.” Larry explains. Betsy was his pet name for his van. “Found me this nasty slut who likes to fuck and is business minded like me. Started this here escort service on wheels, and for a 100 dollars, I’ll pick’em up, then drive them around for half an hour. Meanwhile  Cherry is back there giving them a time of their life. When I finally  drop them back off, me and cherry will split the hundred.”

Sexual tension was building in Pete’s pants. He felt like he was going to explode soon. His dick was pressed so hard against his pants, that it was uncomfortable. 

Pete is speechless and they both ride silent as the van continue to drive. They listen to the moans and groans of the whore and her John. Their sex talk. Pete and Larry hears the John tell Cherry to suck on his balls. Then ask her if she likes it. “Mm, baby I love it.” she  responds.

“We are here, ” Larry announced. They were now at the front entrance of the mall. The van began slow  rocking again. Her moan changes to almost a low wail now they must have started back fucking but s new odor presented itself. Pete quickly understood why.
” Yeah, baby,  this ass hole is nice and tight.” he hears the guy saying.

“That’s okay Uncle Larry. I want to hang out with you today.” Pete didn’t want to get out the van at all. Fuck job hunting! he said to himself.

Larry grins and laugh evilishlly, then they drove off.

Equal turns


Crystal anxiously paced up and down the curb in the motel parking lot, waiting for the two friends to get a room. Needing a place to sleep, Crystal was able to talk the two men she met walking together down the streets to help her with a room for the night, plus invest in her little side hustle. They negotiated eighty dollars for threesome sex plus letting her keep the room that they will fuck in until late morning. She normally charged eighty a peice, but one of the friends was cheap, and she was going through hard times.

Their names were Hawk and Morris.

When they both finally came out from paying for the hotel, Hawk motioned her over to follow them into the room they got for the night. She trotted briskly in her worn out heels, making quick clackity noises, and had one arm across her chest, to hold down her bouncy big titties as she ran.

Entering into the musty stale cigarette-smelly room, all three took their coats off to get themselves acclimated.

Her adrenaline rushed into her as soon as she saw the familiar motel bed with ugly designed bed covers. She was ready to get started. Ready to fuck them, get her dollars, then send them on their way as early as possible. Maybe she  will be able to find herself another trick later for some more dough, now that she had a room.

“Ok gentlemen, I’m a go shower right quick, ” Crystal said.

“Take your time, gorgeous,” Morris said as he lowered his gaze down her body and up until their eyes reunited. She winked at him, he was a cutie.

She went into the bathroom and proceeded to get body and orifices clean and ready for what she anticipated was going to be some dirty fucking.

When she was done showering, she came out wrapped in a towel. Both men were sitting on the bed, smiling, naked, and with their rock hard dicks in their hand, stroking.

“Anything we want, eh?” Hawk said to her with a sinister grin, running his hand down a long full beard with the one hand that wasn’t playing with his cock. He was definitely the naughtiest of the two, she thought.

She was hoping that it would be nice if they would hop in the shower too before they started, but soon realized that she would have to settle with fucking them smelling like ‘men’. That seemed to always be the case.

Her naked body was still damp from her shower, and smelling like the cheap complimentary motel soap.  She walked towards the bed with a sultry look and with a soft-spoken voice and said. “Ain’t that what I promise y’all.” She unloosened the towel and let it fall on the floor, giving them an instant display of a tight curvy body and voluptuous breast with suckable long nipples. One of the men whistled with satisfaction. The other muttered ‘beautiful’ under his breath.

She surveyed what she will soon be working with. Hawk had a muscular body, barrel smooth chest with 6 pack, and a penis that was thick, long, and meaty.  Whereas his friend, Morris, had a hairy chest, stocky body, beer belly, and a penis that was very small, but also very meaty.

“Turn around and spread your cheeks,” Hawk ordered.  She obeyed. She bended over and with both manicured hands, pulled apart her ass checks. She felt both men hands wanderously feeling all over her body, and their now condom-covered dicks rubbing and probing around her back side but not yet entering her.

“Go ‘head man,” he heard Hawk tell his friends, but then Morris said, “No, how about you go first.” and he got in front of Crystal and shoved his dick in her mouth.

Hawk laughed, “You nervous man,” and without hesitation, spit a wad of saliva on her anus and watched it slide down to her already wet pussy. He was getting it ready.

Morris didn’t answer, but nervously chuckled.  Crystal knew what his problem was, but she kept silent.  The problem was her fat booty and his small penis.  There are only a handful of bedroom activities small dick men can do, and doggy style was not one of them.

Hawk suddenly grabbed her waist and forced his big dick in her pussy and immediately started thrusting. Their sex immediately scented the air. Crystal eyes rolled back in her head as she tried not to scream too loud since she had a dick in her mouth. Hawk was so big. So rough with it. She really liked it.

Morris began to rub on her clit, while she was sucking him.  He was the loudest moaner, he was enjoying her fellatio too much and was trying not to be the first to cum since they just got started. Hawk would surely tease him.

Hawk decided to change the positions.  He told his friend to lay on his back on the bed.  When he did, he made them do a 69.  While Morris ate her pussy and she continued to suck his penis, Hawk climb on the bed near his friend’s head, and then shoved his dick in Crystal asshole with no warning.  She screamed almost biting Morris’s dick. Then the scream then changed into excited moans. It was beginning to feel really good to her.

She wondered about Morris who was in the bottom of all this with his friends balls swinging in his face as she was being fucked. anally. He asked him, “Ok, I’m ready. Can I fuck her now?” Hawk replied with, “Wait, man.”

Hawk had much stamina, and repeatedly pounded her ass for what seemed like forever to Crystal. She still tried to focus on sucking Morris’s dick good but it was hard with Hawk fucking the shit out of her, almost literally. Morris still enjoyed her and soon excitedly exploded cum all in her mouth.

She pulled Hawk’s meat out of her ass and climbed off from on top of Morris.  She wanted to take a break but Hawk pulled her back and reentered, unmercifully restarted what she interrupted. This time pulling her hair hard with one hand, and with the other gripped firmly around half her neck. “Where you going?” he said through grunts. “Bitch, I didn’t nut yet.”

She felt Morris hand grabbed one of her breast, and squeezed it so hard it caused a tear to fall. “Can’t wait ’til my turn.”

Hawk finally ejaculated, she felt him convulse in back of her as he released the grip on her neck.

“Whooo, God damn!“ He yelled in her ear. “Damn, girl!”

She smiled at him, and turned to Morris who was laying on the bed watching them rubbing his dick. She gave him a sorry look because she couldn’t continue. Hawk had exausted her. “That was eighty dollars worth of fucking. Sorry,” she said to him. He nodded sadly.

Hawk exhaustingly pulled off the dirty condom and threw it on the floor.

As they showered and dressed, they paid her the eighty dollars.  Hawk said that she could stay in the room until eleven the next day and he will come back and check out.  Crystal said thanks.

That evening she couldn’t find any work and around ten that night she decided to turn in. As she slept, there suddenly was a knock on the door. When she looked out the peephole, there was Morris standing all by himself, holding up a wad of cash.



Written by EJ Benard

Copyright July 2015. EJ Benard. All Rights Reserved.

Inside Out


“Excuse me, did you know that was the men’s bathroom that you just went in? “said Cathy to the sexy lady coming out. She was standing in line waiting to use the women’s restroom at the bar when she saw her go in.
The woman rolled her eyes and spoke. What came out was a shocking contradiction because her deep voice didn’t match what Cathy was looking at. Inside that exquisite female temple was a man, and immediately, Cathy understood the chic scarf she was wearing. It wasn’t necessarily for the fashion, but to hide the prominence of the Adam’s apple.
“Yes I did know. Is there a problem?” she said.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I –I didn’t know that…”
“… that I had a dick?”
The woman finished Cathy’s sentence. She had her hand on her hips, and looked prepared to verbally attack whatever Cathy’s next response would be.

Embarrassed and not sure what to do next, Cathy
started to laugh. It was nervous laughter. She was disappointed, yes, but she found it amusing how sick and twisted life was, and the games it played. Here she was a lesbian looking for love, and the most beautiful woman in the bar was really a man; oh, the irony.

The woman flung her hair and walked away, twitching her ass in almost an exaggerated mock of a woman. Cathy, who still was attracted and fixated on what she now knew was a transgendered male called out, “Well you sure fooled me. I still say you are gorgeous— woman or man.”

The woman liked that. She turned around, gave a small wave, and mouthed, “Thank you.” She walked back to her table where her two friends, who were curiously watching, glanced at Cathy and then turned to the woman and started to inquire about what had happened. Cathy went back to her stool at the bar.

After what had just happened, she was going to need a heavy  drink. “Can you make me a whiskey sour?” she asked the bartender. The bartender raised her eyebrows to suggest her surprise that Cathy had changed drinks from her usual beer on tap.

As she sipped, and as it burned her chest going down, Cathy was slowly getting intoxicated. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the music playing. Before she could finish her drink, to her surprise, another glass of liquor was placed in front of her. When Cathy looked at the bartender, she saw her point to the table where the woman and her friends were sitting.

The woman waved at her.

Cathy grabbed her drink and the drink that was ordered for her and walked over there.

“Thank you for the drink,” she said, the alcohol making her bold.

“Have a seat,” the woman said in her deep voice. “My name is Destiny, and this is Dotty and Gwen.”

The two girls smiled and nodded at her.

“Hello, nice to meet you all. My name is Cat.”

Cathy tried her best to maintain her composure. She was almost halfway drunk and decided to cut herself off.

“I thought I would buy you a drink, because I know I was kind of defensive about the bathroom,” she said with a smile.

“Oh, no! It was me, and I hope I didn’t offend you.” Cathy responded apologetically.

“No, I’m used to it.”

“When I first saw you, I wanted to ask you for your number, but now I see you’re not a lesbian.”

“Yes, I am actually. I am a woman on the inside, and I’m only attracted to women. I guess that makes me a lez. Sort of.”

Cathy had to let her statement sink in for a while, as she tried to grasp the concept of a male lesbian.

Maybe just one more drink.  “I see.” Her voice was beginning to slur.

Dotty and Gwen had started a separate conversation while flirting with each other. Gwen caressed Dotty’s head, and they started to kiss. Meanwhile, Cathy could not stop staring at Destiny. It was such an odd feeling because she was still attracted to her.

Noticing that Cathy was staring and deep in thought, Destiny asked, “So what are you thinking right now? I’m curious.”

“I am thinking that I still don’t believe that you have a dick’’ Cathy laughed. This time Destiny laughed with her.

“Well, you want me to whip it out and prove it to you?”

Cathy, who was now completely under the influence of her whiskey, dared her. “Okay, whip it out, then. Lemme see.”

“Look under the table,’ Destiny said.

Cathy slid under the table, and there, already out and hanging from red lace panties, was Destiny’s long, soft penis. Her manicured nails were stroking it. 
Cathy hadn’t seen a penis in person for a long time now.  Not since before she came out the closet in the middle of a seven-year marriage to her ex-husband.

“Oh my God!” Cathy yelled. She heard Dotty and Gwen above the table burst out in laughter. Cathy crawled towards it. Watching Destiny stroking it made her horny, and it taunted her to come even closer. Even though she was under the table, she was still in the view of spectators. In the background, she heard people commenting about what was going on.

“Look!  She’s about to give that transvestite a blow job,” someone said.

Drunk and horny, Cathy didn’t care what they were saying at all.

When she finally reached Destiny’s penis, she brushed her lips on it. Then she smelled it. It didn’t smell like a man’s. It actually smelled of perfumed body lotion.

“I see you down there,” Destiny said as she peeked under the table at her.

Her dick was firming and while still stroking it, she directed it at mouth level for Cathy. Cathy put Destiny’s dick in her mouth. They both let out a moan. Destiny let go of her dick, put both hands on Cathy’s head, and became a guide as it bobbed up and down.

The public display of oral sex continued until a staff member from the bar walked over and threatened to kick them out unless they stopped. When Cathy climbed out from under the table, there were a few cat calls, and some applause from the people who had witnessed her performance. Dotty and Gwen were still laughing in disbelief, and Destiny’s eyes were wide. Her smile was even wider.

“Girl, I can’t believe you just did that,” she said.

Cathy smiled and licked her lips.  She couldn’t believe it either.

The next thirty minutes consisted of Destiny and Cathy in their own world, quiet and smiling at each other. Cathy could not believe how turned on she was by what she had done. It didn’t bother her at all that Destiny came equipped with a penis. A matter of fact, as a lover, Destiny would satisfy all her needs. She was an attractive woman who could also could give penetration naturally.

“I am going to the bathroom,” Destiny said. “You want to follow me?”

“I would love to, but actually I don’t think I can get away with going in the men’s bathroom.”

“Okay, then, we will use the ladies.  That’s the beauty of a transgendered male in the bathroom at a gay bar. I can get away with both.”

She held out her hand, Cathy grabbed it and let Destiny lead her to the woman’s bathroom. The line was not too long, and when it was their turn, they both went in one of the bathroom stalls.

Immediately, Destiny hiked her skirt up, sat on the toilet, and pulled a condom magically from her bra.
After she placed it on her erect and throbbing dick, Cathy, who had already taken off her pants, pulled her panties aside and sat on that dick. Facing Destiny, she began to ride it.

Destiny pulled her shirt and bra up and began sucking her breast at the same time. They both held in their moans, but couldn’t help the panting. Cathy was riding her hard and fast, and Destiny, who now had both hands gripping Cathy’s ass, was helping her bounce up and down.

When Destiny began to orgasm, she bear hugged Cathy’s torso to keep her still, and whimpered softly like a sad puppy as she ejaculated into the condom inside her.

When it was time for the bar to close, they exchanged phone numbers, and Destiny waited outside with Cathy for her taxi to come.

“Let’s see if you will call me after the alcohol wears off,” Destiny teased.

“Why wouldn’t I call you, baby?” Cathy said as she ran her fingers through Destiny hair.

” You’re so wasted you probably won’t even remember all that we did.” There was a sense of sadness in Destiny’s face.

As the cab drove up, Cathy hugged her and said goodbye.

Cathy was drunk, but she was sober enough to know exactly what had just happened. She had finally found the woman of her dreams.

Cat sitter


The car ride was quiet and somber driving home from the airport.  Jason and Marla had to attend his Great Aunt’s funeral in Georgia. They were finally heading their  way home. Marla finally broke the dead silence in the car.

“I really think it’s a blessing to be able to live to 100 years old.”  she said.

“I think so too, honey.  My aunt Dela was a blessing to all of us herself.”

“I just still can’t believe your folks made us sleep in seperate rooms though.”  she laughed.

“Yeah, mom’s and pop’s always have been old-fashion.” he smiled embarrassingly.

“Well, we been married for over 3 years now, it is not like we are fornicating.”

“I know.” he shrugged.

“Four days was just too long .”  she said then reached her hand across to rub his thigh. 

Jason felt his dick quickly hardening.  It’s been too long for him too. Even though he would love for her to direct her caressing hand on top of his crotch, he also hoped she didn’t because since he was driving, and being so intensively horny, he might end up crashing the car in excitement.

“Well, baby, as soon as we get home. We are going to go straight to our room so I can fuck the shit out of you.  We will make up for the lost time.” he grinned.

“You know Chloe probably is not going to let us.” Chloe was their one year old black cat. “We were gone for all them days, she’s going to be all on me purring.  Oh, I can’t wait to see her! I missed my baby.” she said smiling hard.

When they pulled up on the driveway, they saw Marla best friend’s car parked there. 

“Oh Tisha  must be here feeding the cat.”  Marla had gave Tisha the key before they left to check in on Chloe,  feed, and give her fresh water. 

They exhaustingly came into the house carrying their luggage.

“Tisha?!” Marla called out, “We’re back.”

A loud meowing and excited Chloe darted down the house stairs and jumped in Marla’s arm.  Her purr was so loud and rumbly and she rubbed her furry face into Marla’s.

“Where’s your friend?”  Jason asked confused.  He was expecting the cat and Tisha to be in the kitchen because Tisha was only supposed to be feeding the cat while they were gone.  So where is she, he thought?

“I don’t know.  Tisha!?”  She called again. “Hmm, maybe her car broke down in our parking lot and she’s not in here. But let’s go upstairs, I am sooo glad to be back. Home sweet home.”  She put the cat down and grabbed his hand. “Let’s leave these bags down here and unpack later.  I wanna make love to my husband.”

Hand and hand as they walked upstairs, they all of a sudden began hearing noises of a couple having sex.  They both looked at each other with eyes wide and a  shocked expression.

“You hear that? She’s having sex in our house, Marla?” Jason said with an angry expression on his face.

“Oh damn, I can’t believe it either Jason.  What should we do? This is awkward. Come back later or interrupt them?”

“What do you mean, what should we do? Our house isn’t a fucking sleaze motel, they need to take that shit somewhere else!”  Jason then barged into their bedroom like he was the US Marshalls. What he saw wasn’t what he expected. The sex sounds that they was hearing turned out to be one of their porn DVD’s playing on the TV in their room and her friend Tisha layed sprawled out on their bed— naked and with an empty bottle of  wine in her hand. She was so passed out that Jason noisy entrance didn’t wake her one bit.

“Wow!” Jason said. He was surprised to see his wife’s friend in the nude and tried to hide his excitement from his face.

“Oh my goodness, Tisha wake up!”  Marla nudged her on the shoulder.
Tisha groggily opened her eyes.

“Huh?”  Tisha rubbed her eyes. “What are ya’ll doing here?”

“Why are you in our bed naked and watching pornos?  I asked you to feed the cat for me. ”  Marla knew her best friend was struggling with her drinking but she didn’t know it was this bad.

Tisha, drunk and still half sleep, sat up and Jason couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful and firm bouncy breasts.  Suddenly , she cried out,  “Andy broke up with me, Marlaaa.” And she wailed  like a baby then burys her face in her hand.

“Oh no!”  Marla reached down to hug her best friend. Before they left for the funeral Tisha had told her that her beau Andy was going to pop the “question”, so she was surprised to hear that they broke up and wondered what happened.

Jason was very pleasantly uncomfortable now.  He sees his beautiful wife hugging her beautiful and nakedly drunk best friend on his bed.  His dick was hard as a cement block. A few times he did tried to look away so his wife won’t get jealous and upset but he just couldn’t help it.  He always thought Tisha was attractive but he never let his mind wander to lusting for her… until now.


Jason turned around and powered off their TV, the X-rated movie wasn’t helping his situation.

“Oh, I’m sorry guys.  I hope you didn’t mind…” She now realized that she was naked and started to pull their bed covers over her body “I came to feed Chloe and I saw the bottle of Moscato in the kitchen .  And I started thinking about Andy.  And how good he use to fuck me and….”  She started to cry again.

“It’s ok. Come on .  Let’s puts some clothes on you and you can sleep in the guest room. We can talk about it in the morning.” she tried  to pull her out of the bed.

Tisha pushed her friend’s hand away. “How about I sleep here in the bed with you guys tonight?” She one handedly wipes the tears from her face and a naughty smile crept up.

“Tisha, you are drunk.”  She tried again to lift her out the bed.

“We use to share our men in college. You can’t share your husband?”  She threw the covers off her and looks toward Jason who was now sweating and adjusting his penis in his underwear.  He was going to explode in his pants soon if he  doesn’t stick his dick in someone.

Tisha suddenly grabbed her friend’s hair and tried to push her head down in between her legs.

“What are you doing!?” Marla quickly jumped back and looked at her in shock then looked at her husband as he watched them with a blank expression.  She was slightly embarrased.

“Girl, you know you ate my pussy  before. Don’t act so surprised in front of Jason. Come on, let’s have fun like we use to. ” 

She opened her legs wide and then spread apart her clean shaven pussy.  Marla then slowly bends over and began to lick her best friend’s clit passionately like old times. She was nervous as she wondered the shock that might be on her husband face right now— until she heard the zipper open and the belt buckle fall to the floor.


Written by EJ Benard

Copyright 2014. EJ Benard. All Rights Reserved.

Homework Help XXX


Sitting at my desk, trying to work on homework.  Slowly typing and clicking my mouse.  I didn’t really have very much time before the assignment was due, but I was so bored.  My dog, Bash, was laying on the floor next to me.  I reached down to stroke his head.  He looked up and gave my leg an affectionate lick.  I tried again to focus on the task at hand but found myself getting distracted by my Facebook notifications and my favorite porn website.  Soon, I was grinding my hips on my chair, and with my nightgown lifted, started stroking my now aching clit.  I heard my dog whine and I looked down to see him looking at me, his ears perked up as he wondered what the hell I was doing.  I think he knows.

My homework is due at midnight, it’s nine o’clock now.  I came to the conclusion that I need a quick fuck, a quick orgasm, in order to focus on my assignment.  I couldn’t concentrate at all to answer this dumb professor’s question on ‘what is an example of social problems and individual troubles.’  I wonder if I could say my social problems are ‘not enough dick in my world’ and my individual troubles is ‘horny as hell.’

I see  the blue dot next to one of my facebook friends, alerting me that my friend Q is on line.

Hello, I messaged him.

What’s up Miss LadyWyd? he responded.

Trying to make myself cum, I need help. How fast can you cum over?

Shiiit,  I’m on my way now!

It took Q no longer then 15 minutes to show up at my door.  He practically leaned on the door bell. 

“I’m coming! I coming!” I had to shout.

When I opened the door, he stood there looking fine as usual.  Always nicely dressed and smelling good.  Me, on the other hand, had a ugly grandma designed flower night gown. That’s ok, I’m about to peel that shit off in a minute.
I grabbed him by the hand, and walked him to my room. 

“You know, we gonna have to make this quick ok?”  I didn’t want to sound rude about me using him for a quick fuck. And I didn’t want to tell him it was because I’m trying to orgasm before its time for me to post my online assignment. My teacher knocks off 10 points for late homework. Fuck that! But Q just smiled and said. “I don’t know if I can help you with that. I’m not a quick person.”  That wasn’t a lie either. Q had been known to fuck my pussy until it’s raw.

Reaching my bedroom, Q followed me over to my bed.  I finally took off the gown over my head. Q reached down and gave my pussy a test feel.  I’m sure he was shocked to feel how wet his fingers were when he brought his hand back.

I got onto the bed and got unto all fours. Q came behind me and played around with my ass cheeks and pussy for a minute and then I soon felt his hot tongue licking me.

Finally I felt him stop .  My body trembled with anticipation.  “You ready for this dick?” He asked.

“Fuck yeah!” I been ready. “I need you now, baby.” I told him in my sexy voice.

He mounted me, his leg around my waist.  I could feel dick shoved right into my pussy.  Q never warns me which hole he is going to go in when we fuck. Sometimes its in my ass.  Sometimes my pussy. I love the surprise . 

Slamming the hard cock on my pussy, he thrusted hard and fast.  His dick penetrated so deeply it took my breath away. I angled my hips more so that that his tip would start banging my g-spot.  Yes, I wanted that ‘Big-O’ before I send his ass back home. 

I braced myself with one hand on the bed frame and used the other to stroke my clit.  I begin to cum.  I almost became paralyzed from the earth shattering climax. I held my breath until the warm buzz came and I started feeling the contractions in my pussy.

Overwhelmed in pleasure, I looked towards my desk.  Bash is under it, watching us. My dog looked jealous. 

“Damn baby!” Q said as he enjoyed my hot pussy.

Unfortunately, I got the nut that I needed; therefore, I gently pushed him off of me and did a time check.  Holy shit it is 1130!

“I’m sorry Q, but you have to go now.” I said flatly.

“Whaat!?  But I didn’t cum yet?”  That ain’t my problem , I wanted to say.

“Alright, I will suck it, but you got five minutes.”  I then got on my knees and took his dick in my mouth.  I could smell and taste my sex juices on him and I loved it.

He started to hump my face like it was a pussy.   And was rough with it.  He grabbed a chunkfull of my hair with both hands and thrusted in and out of my mouth.  Gagging me.  I desperately tried my best not to get my teeth in the way.  Finally, I felt warm liquid flow down my throat.  I naturally swallowed his warm cum.  

I soon sent him on his way, but not before asking to borrow some money that I don’t plan to pay back.  I told him it was to pay my phone bill that was about to get cut off.  A lie.This was one of my non-subtle ways to sell pussy without actually selling my pussy.  A trick I learned from my mother. He paid because I know my longtime Facebook friend’s addicted to this pussy, and loves when I randomly call him for sex.

It was 1145 when I logged back on the computer.  I was able to give a thorough definition and example of a social problem and an individual problem and posted it on time. The examples I use was prostitution and
nymphomania . The reason because I picked a topic based on what I just did. Something I have good knowledge and experience on.


Written by EJ Benard

Copyright 2015. EJ Benard. All Rights Reserved

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Happy Anni-fuckery!


The place was gorgeous, perhaps the nicest place Tracie had ever stayed. Will had truly outdone himself selecting the hotel for their special weekend. There was marble tile, lush carpets, a beautiful open air foyer that seemed large enough to host a ball game… nothing was out of place. Class, she thought. This is that intangible quality of class. She wondered how much money it had set him back. Tracie looked at the clerk behind the desk in the lobby of the hotel. The clerk smiled and ran through her usual greeting script.

Tracie interrupted her after noticing her nametag. “Marsha,” she said, wondering who in this day and age still named a child Marsha, “I’m meeting my husband here later. He’ll be paying for the room, he’s reserved it online. I’ll be needing to check in early though. It’s our Anniversary, and” She leaned in closer to the girl, “I want it to be special.” Marsha smiled knowingly, as if she’d ever bedded more than a drunken frat boy.

Enacting Will’s fetish tonight for their Anniversary had been on Tracie’s mind for a month, ever since she caught him online looking at some particularly interesting sites. She’d read erotica, looked at some pornography, tried to get herself into the headspace to be what he wanted on his year. A Domme. He’d been a sport on all of her choices for their special Anniversary games, and she wanted to go all-out for him this time.

Marsha took her ID and found the reservation, then issued her the key.

“Tell my husband Happy Anniversary when he checks in, would you dear?” Tracie she said as she walked away. “And tell him I’ve been upstairs getting ready.” That should drive up his blood pressure on the elevator ride to the room, she thought. Marsha nodded and her stock smile popped back on her face as the next group of guests arrived.

Will’s hands shook as he handed his credit card over to the young girl at the front desk. He felt paranoid, as if somehow she knew what was in store for him behind the heavy door to their suite in this four-star hotel. She smiled innocently and confirmed the billing, then passed him his room key. “Your wife already has her key, Mr. Hawthorn. She said she needed to get a few things ready before you arrived, and to say Happy Anniversary.”


He gulped. He’d come straight from work, and his wife Tracie had been off today. He felt the blood rush from his face to his dick and almost fainted. What exactly was she planning? How many of his wish list of fantasies was she going to give him this year?

He managed out a soft, “Thank you” before taking back his card and putting it back in his wallet.

He had took his overnight bag with him. Whatever toys Tracie needed she would bring. The check-in girl smiled again as he walked off toward the elevators. The door wait felt interminable, and he pushed the thing five or six times before it opened. He knew it did nothing to speed it along, but his anticipation of the night was quickly growing to a giddy fear.

There was a couple in the elevator already when the door dinged and opened. Will seriously considered waiting for another car so as to not stand under those bright lights in his condition. He was so horny he felt like he was twitching. Spastic, like a pubescent boy. But he wanted upstairs too badly to wait. He got in and the couple unconsciously moved slightly away from him. He stood in the corner before realizing he hadn’t pushed his button. He checked the key number and pressed his floor. The couple got off before him, and he could hear the irritation in his breathing at the delay they were causing him. The elevator car was mirrored from waist height up to the ceiling. He smoothed his hair and straightened his tie, then shot his cuffs out from under his jacket sleeves. It was as smooth as he’d get, he thought. The elevator dinged. He was here.

For the past 5 years, ever since the ‘problem year’ when they’d gone to the couples therapist, they’d given each other a list, with an item added each year, of fetishes they’d like to try. No judgments, no incredulity. If the other partner wasn’t willing to try it, it simply never came up. Tracie had gone first when it started, then him, then her… now in year 6, it was Will’s turn again. He knew what was on his list this year, and what hadn’t been done from previous years, and any of them would make a night that would weaken his knees. He could hardly contain himself. He knew one thing…his buddies didn’t seem to remember or care about their anniversaries. Will never forgot his.

He found their room and knocked softly before trying his key. The lights were low. Tracie had obviously brought her own lamp to ensure there was a proper mood possible. There was silence except for the creek of the door and the swish of Tracie’s stockings as she crossed her legs. His dick was immediately hard. She sat before him like a queen on her throne, confidence radiating from her in a sultry wave.


She was taller than him, which was what first attracted him to her in college. Even seated her legs looked long and sleek, the black stockings held up by garter straps connected to a lacy garter belt. She wore no panties that he could see, but with her legs crossed it was impossible to be sure. He could feel the small sticky wet spot forming in his underwear as he noticed the corset, her breasts pouring out the top, her waist cinched to nothing. It made her posture flawless, stock-straight in the chair. It gave a proper and dominating look to her. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun, so dark brown as to look black in the dim light. Her lips looked the color of blood and she smiled at him.

“Strip.” No hello, no lead in, no safeword. Alright then, Will thought.

He hung up his suit coat and took his shoes off, then stripped out of his pants and shirt.

“All the way.” Her voice was a purr. She reached over to the table beside her chair and sipped a drink. He removed his underwear, his half-hard dick leaking a string of pre-cum that dangled obscenely. She pointed at it. “Clean that up” she said.

He bent down and cupped his hand, gathering the sticky fluid. “Now come here.” He walked to her across the room, past the bed, to wear she sat. He heard the swish of her stockings again as she uncrossed her legs. Her eyes glinted in the lamplight. Between her thighs stood the strap-on cock he’d had in his shopping cart on the website when she had first walked in on him a few months prior. He was pretty sure she’d been trying to catch him in the act of masturbating, and he’d been trying to let her, honestly. Kept the marriage alive, he thought, and she seemed to agree. Each year had walked a little further into kink. She’d not only caught him beating it, but beating it to a toy he wanted so badly he’d been willing to buy it on the off chance he could persuade her. Suffice to say it had raised his hopes for tonight. He didn’t know if he was afraid or excited about her possibly seeing the other open tabs. Anniversary lists or not, he wasn’t quite ready to try all the things that sometimes aroused him. Still, he liked where tonight seemed to be headed.

“Wipe it on my cock.” He did. The strap-on was huge, 9 inches if the website specifications were correct. 2 inches around. He looked down at his own, still leaking dick and suddenly felt significantly below average. Cuckolded by my own toy, he thought. “Now get on your knees.”

He slowly genuflected before his wife. “Eyes up” she whispered. He looked forward, his palms on the ground in front of him, and looked up into the piercing green eyes of his wife. She guided the slicked cock head to his lips. “Suck me” she said, never breaking her gaze. She began to feed her massive faux cock into her husband’s open mouth and down his throat, marking her territory inside his body with her prosthetic. He gagged and she let him up, but kept her hands on either side of his head, fingernails lovingly teasing through his hair as she guided him up and down on her pole. She smiled, her eyes pulling his to her, looking into him and making him hers.

“Good” she cooed. “Now on the bed.” He got on the bed, on his hands and knees. “No, sissy. On your back so I can see you.” He rolled over, suddenly irrationally nervous about having his secret fantasy fulfilled.

She reached and got a tube of lubricant from where she’d put it earlier, in the drawer of the nightstand. A squirt directly on her cock, and another squirt into her hand. She warmed it between her palms and then started working it into his ass. Her flingers probed and teased at his ass until one slipped inside. He jerked, but she added a second finger. With her other hand, she began alternately stroking his cock, then hers, then his, and so on. They were both lube-slicked soon enough. She took her fingers from him and he was shocked to feel sad at the emptiness somehow. It was filled soon enough.

Tracie smiled at him and placed the head of her cock at the entrance of his ass. She pushed forward, giving him soft shushings as he started to wince and whimper. “Hush now,” she said. “You’re all lubed up, and I’ll be gentle…” She grinned.

He knew that face. ‘Mischievous Tracie’ could be a scary thing or a fun thing or sometimes both. He gasped. The head of her cock popped past his sphincter and her lubed up hand went from his cock to his throat.

She kicked her hips forward and thrust into him, causing a scream. Her strokes were long, the full shaft sawing into him as his gorgeous wife fucked away. She was radiant with power. She lifted his legs high into a V and slid off the bed, standing in the room. She dragged him to the edge with her, never leaving his ass, and continued to rub her monster against his prostate.
Her hand returned to his dick and she stroked him. He was leaking cum already. She had found her rhythm now, and fell into an easy in and out that she could feel twitching his dick with each pass. Another five minutes and his scream was forgotten, replaced by his bitten bottom lip and moaning orgasm.

She fucked him like that for a while, then pulled out. The air was cold on his hole and he opened his eyes at the loss of his wife’s tool.

“Now roll over.” He did as he was told in an almost dreamlike haze. She pulled his hips back to where she stood beside the bed and molding him into the position she wanted. Face down, ass up, his back a sloped curve. She opened his cheeks and put herself back in, finding her pace again. When she finally grew tired of her ownership of him, she relinquished her spot and replaced the cock with a large buttplug she’d ordered along with the strap-on.

He slumped down on the the bed, fully spent, and she cradled around him. They dozed like that for a while, spooned together. As his breathing settled into real sleep, he heard Tracie whisper to him, “Happy Anniversary, baby.” Yes, he thought. Best one ever.

Written by EJ Benard

Copyright 2014. EJ Benard. All Rights Reserved.


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Sex Doctor (a Proem)


The sign on the door of the waiting room reads, “Dr. Simon Trevors, Ph.D., M.D.,” and underneath, “By Appointment Only.” Minnie, dressed provocatively, knocked and then walked in.

“Minnie, is it?” The receptionist asked her. “Insurance cards, please.” Minnie handed them over to be copied, and took a seat. She remembered already having filled out a long profile delineating both her personal and medical history last week and returning it by mail. The receptionist had gave her a stern look. ‘She must know I’m a slut, a nympho, or whatever,’ Minnie thought to herself. ‘I don’t even care.’

As she waited, she found herself hoping that a man, even a teenage boy, would walk in and sit down across from her. Minnie had spread her legs apart, her short skirt riding way up her thighs. The cool air of the office made her bare cunt tingle, because this shameless girl was wearing panties that had the crotch cut out. She also had an anal plug up her rear, placed there yesterday by a man her grandfather’s age whom she had met recently.

“The doctor will see you now,” the receptionist told her. “This way, please. Second door on the right.”

Minnie turned the knob and walked into a room with a desk and chair completed with desk top computer, large, wide couch and several overstuffed chairs; and a cabinet and a small refrigerator along the back wall.

Dr. Trevors walked over to shake her hand. She shook it, leaving her hand perfectly limp, and looked into his eyes in what she has learned from long experience is a signal to many men: I’m available, I’m vulnerable, you may well be able to have your way with me with very little effort.

Dr. Trevor found his voice and said to Minnie, “Well, well. Nice to meet you.” He looked at her cleavage when he said this. “You came alone? No one out there waiting for you? I had a cancellation and have three hours available this afternoon. I hope that gives us time enough together.”

“No. No one’s waiting. It is just me and my lonesome self.” She stopped and stared hard at him. “Oh my, doctor, oh you look so young, how did you get all your degrees already?” Minnie gushed. She made no move to take a seat.

“Yeah, everyone says I look young for my age, Minnie,” he told her. “Were you going somewhere after this appointment?”

“No,” she replied, “and I plan to stay longer than my appointment plus the three hours. It’s all up to you. I’m not afraid to be left alone here with you now that I met you. I was nervous, afraid I might not like you.” She began to fidget.

Dr. Trevors stared hard at her scanty clothing, especially her short skirt which was far too short. He knew that if she bended over, most of her butt was going to show. Her top looked liked it was much too small for her. “I only thought that you might be dressed for, well, a date,” he observed. “I will tell you right now, the way that you dress in public may come up in our discussions.”

“Should we pretend that I dressed this way only for you?” Minnie smiled up at him. “Is your first name Simon? I saw it on the letterhead. Can I call you Simon?” Minnie asked him. “It will make me feel much more comfortable with having a frank conversation with you.” She smiled some more, a hopeful look on her face.


Simon was not sure where to start. “Young lady. Minnie. Listen to me. You have been behaving in a certain manner towards men for what I understand is a considerable length of time from what you put down on your form. I need to find out whether or not you and I together can unearth a clue as to what has led to your present behavior. How you are dressed or not dressed is beside the point, at the moment. On the other hand, let’s try this: do you believe that I would prefer you to be dressed like a border town whore, or like a respectable wife? Seeing that I am a professional person?”

Tears come to Minnie’s eyes. “I’m so sorry that you are acting like you have to be ashamed of how I look today. I see you staring. I truly wanted to please you. Truly I did. I am determined to make it up to you, Simon. I want to be a model patient for you today. Really. I know no one believes anything I say,” she added and continued to sob quietly. “I am so stressed out. Sometimes I want to kill myself.”

Simon well understood the rules that govern his profession and said to himself, ‘Keep your distance, man. This girl may slide her panties down at the first hint of male attention, and there is your reputation to think of.’

He said gruffly, “Have a seat on that chair beside the sofa, and I will pull mine over and we will just chat as if we are old friends together. How does that sound?” Minnie kept right on sobbing; her chest goes up and down, exposing her breasts to view— since she has no bra on. Her little nipples were firm and perky and Simon’s dick swelled up immediately. Now it was he who was flustered and at a loss for words. ‘Control, control,’ he said to himself. ‘Got to get this scene under some control.’

Knowing of nothing else to do, he walked right up to Minnie intending to take her hand and lead her to the chair. She collapsed into Simon’s arms, her top coming the whole way down leaving her bare above the waist. Simon found his arms are on her bare back and his erection is pressing against her warm little body. “Am I bad, doctor?” Minnie asked him between sobs.

“No one is bad here in my office,” he managed to tell her. With a supreme effort he practically dragged Minnie to the chair along the wall, sets her down and pulls up the chair where he will sit. Minnie sat with her legs spread wide apart, the little skirt ridden up nearly to her crotch. He tried not to look at it, tried to formulate his first question but suddenly felt something touch his ankles.

Minnie had extended her legs and was softly kicking him. “Ask me something, Simon,” she prompted.

He asked, “When did you realize that you had a stronger interest in boys than most girls do?”

“Boys? do you mean men? Oh you mean when I was younger? I had boy cousins. They played games with me. They took turns putting their weenies in my mouth. When I sucked hard they would give me candy.”

“And how old were you, Minnie?” Simon asked.

“Really young,” Jeannine replied. “At first they didn’t undress me. That came later. You don’t want to hear what all they did do you?”

Simon’s dick felt like it might explode. He looked down and saw Minnie’s right hand sliding up her thigh. As he watched, he saw her hand was now in motion. Her arm was moving vigorously as she looked him in the eye.

“What are you doing? Oh, I know what you are doing, excuse my unprofessional remark. Do you or do you not possess enough self control to stop fingering yourself?”

Minnie is gasping and panting; she stands up, drops her skirt down and sticks her fingers into herself through the nonexistent crotch of her “Hello Kitty” undies and looks at him, murmuring, “Yes, yes, they all did this to me. I’m only showing you what those boys did to me years ago, Simon.”

Minnie’s face was beet red. “I can’t help myself. Fuck me, Simon. There I said it. Right now. In this room. This very minute. I don’t care which hole you go into, or both of them. Or my throat afterwards. I have a craving I can’t control. Help me, Simon, fuck me and then help me,” She sobbed.

Suddenly, Minnie grabbed Simon’s belt and began loosening it, unzipping him, reaching in and pulling out his penis. She knelt and started to suck. The crazy thought strikes Simon that he had to maintain to a professional attitude even through this. As she proceeded to kiss his dick, licked the shaft and rubbed his testicles, he asked Minnie, “What would you do if I ordered you to stop doing this?”

She paused from sucking him, and stood up, her face inches from his. “I need this dick, don’t you understand me? I’m sick and this is helping me. I feel only comfortable around a man once his dick has gone into me.” She hugs Simon and began to weep again. “This is why my husband don’t want me anymore.” She sobbed some more and finally started to wiped her eyes.

“Listen, because I would turn around and walk out of this office naked, out the door to the parking lot. And go up to the first man or boy whom I see and lay down on my back, and spread my legs there on the grass. Even if he’s old, gray haired or bald. So long as he has a dick. But you have the chance to stop me by giving me your cock.” Minnie laid down on his couch naked, legs raised and said to Simon, “No doctor refuses to give his patient what she needs. And all I need is a little semen inside me, Simon. You’re looking right down at the place where I need you to enter.” She takes her fingers and spreads her labia apart. “See? then after you pull out, we can go back to talking. Please, pretty please! Don’t look for a condom, I’m on the pill. Just jump on me and shove it in!” Minnie exclaimed putting her fingers inside of her again.

Simon could not help himself. No man could. He walked to his office door and locked it. Shaking his head in disbelief that he was actually doing this. Stepped out of his pants, pulled his shirt and undershirt off and stepped forward her, erection in hand.

The big smile on Minnie’s face had him suddenly realizing the immense difficulty ahead of him, if he continued in hopes to change any behavior of hers. Perhaps she is beyond treatment, he told himself, as her tears stopped flowing and she pulled him down on top.


Written by EJ Benard

Copyright 2014. EJ Benard. All Rights Reserved.